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Embedded thumbnail for Year 6 SATS Parent Information Evening ~ Tuesday 28 February 2017

Date Test Monday 8th May 2017 English Reading Tuesday 9th May 2017 English grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Paper 1 ~ Short Answer Questions Paper 2 ~ Spelling Wednesday 10th May 2017 Mathematics Paper 1 ~ Arithmetic Paper Mathematics Paper 2 ... Read more

In arts week today, Years 5 and 6 have created pictures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy by using only natural resources. Each group created a name and could explain the importance wildlife has on our environment and why we ... Read more

We have now designed our moving monster using a pneumatic system and are busy creating them. Take a look at our photos so far. Read more

Our slipper project is well underway. We have looked at the different types of slippers available, studying the styles, materials used, fastenings and the intended wearer. Slipper mood boards were created which gave us an excellent starting point for designing ... Read more

Today we have looked at using natural resources to create our pictures in the woods. We have only used resources found on the woodland floor to make our pictures. Read more

We have used a pneumatic system to create a moving part of a monster. Most children have created a moving jaw however some children have included additional moving body parts including a tongue, ear and eye. Take a look at ... Read more

Following intensive training in marking out, cutting out, needle threading, running stitch and blanket stitch, Class 4 made an excellent job of constructing their Tudor Rose pin cushions! Take a look at the process and the finished products below. Read more

Today, Year 4 have been very lucky to be able to make lots of woodland art with students from South Craven. There's been lots of hedgehog and bumble bee pompoms as well as some beautiful owl paintings. All children have ... Read more

We were really looking forward to our second lesson studing electricity and circuits and started by familiarising ourselves with the component symbols we learnt last week. We defined the scientific words used in investigations: predict, independent variable, dependent variable, control ... Read more

We were very impressed with the hard work, determination and the strong desire to succeed demonstrated by the Year 6 children during the lead up to, and during the SATS week. Afterwards, they thoroughly enjoyed a well-deserved trip to the ... Read more