Marrick Priory Blog - Day 3

Thursday morning, and all’s well. Wednesday was one of those ‘four seasons in one day’ days, ranging from torrential rain from slate grey skies to glorious autumn sunshine and back to howling winds. Temperatures appearing to range from 20 degrees to about minus 10!

Wires have been zipped, walls have been climbed, fields have been orienteered (if that’s a word), towers have been abseiled, faith has been leapt and a good time is being had by all. Most importantly, vast quantities of pasta, garlic bread, salad, and a Bakewell tart-like concoction called Paris Sandwich served with lashings of custard have been consumed.

This year’s dorm inspection, on the theme of Peace, Harmony and Order, produced dorms of a very high standard. Fantastic displays of lined up slippers and precisely aligned duvets were complimented by singing from the girls and monk-like praying from the boys. The girls won, obviously, but the boys’ dorm was one of the best we’ve ever seen.

Everybody has slept, and bleary eyed faces have begun to emerge just after 7 o’clock. Today is our all day walk. The forecast is a bit grim, which will give us all a chance to test just how waterproof our waterproofs are, so that’s good! We’ll let you know later.