Year 6 Crucial Crew event at Eshton Grange

Year 6 had a great day at the Crucial Crew event at Eshton Grange. Using the outdoor swimming pool, we learnt how to keep ourselves safe around open water, and were given the opportunity to rescue someone in distress using a rope and a pole. Our next workshop, which focused on anti-social behaviour, required the acting skills of Evie P, Ellis and Lola. They took on the roles of three school friends who scrawled graffiti on a wall whilst truanting from school. Some of us were shocked to learn that the children would have been given a criminal record for such behaviour. A film clip on railway safety gave us food for thought – did you know that it takes 1.7 miles for a high speed train to brake as it approaches the station? This distance is the equivalent of twenty two premiership football pitches laid end to end. Northern Powergrid detailed the action we should take in the case of a gas leak, and outlined the dangers associated with electricity sub-stations. The fire brigade ran a session which clearly informed us of the necessary actions to be taken in the case of a house fire, and representatives from the National Parks explained how to stay safe on a day out in the countryside, teaching us how to make a sling from the clothing we were wearing! Our day was drawn to a close, as we considered antisocial behaviour and what makes a good citizen. Well done to Thomas who won a prize for the poster he designed. What an informative, interesting and very busy day we had. The children listened very carefully, asked sensible questions and were an absolute credit to Lothersdale School.