Transition day Science

WOW! What a fabulous morning! It consited of a wonderful science lesson looking at acids and alkalis with Mrs woolley from South Craven School. Everyone really enjoyed looking like a real scientist, wearing safety glasses to protect our eyes. All the children were fascinated and amazed at how the universal indicator changed the colour of different liquids and how this helped them to work out if it was an acid or an alkali. It was like we were in Hogwarts making potions! The children know how to make their own colour indicator at home by boiling red cabbage and water together, to then test out different liquids at home- although they will need help from an adult to do that. Have a look at some of our photos. Miss Gallagher is very proud of how hard the Year 3's have worked to help the Year 2's to feel comfortable and enjoy their transition days. In addition, all the Year 2's have worked really hard and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves being in Class 3.