Parent and Pupil View

Parent Forums

Each term Mrs Robinson holds Parent Forum meetings for Classes 1 and 2 and Classes 3 and 4. The meetings take place in the school entrance hall from 9am for approximately an hour. If parents are unable to stay for the duration of the meeting they are very welcome to stay for as long as they can. For each meeting there will be an agenda and items will be posted on the school's Friday News the week before the meeting. If parents would like any special items included for discussion they may submit them to Mrs Robinson prior to the forum. The intention of the meeting is for Mrs Robinson to hear parent views, give updates and discuss new proposals for school improvement. Often a Governor representative will be present so that an overview of discussions can be shared with the Full Governing Body at their next meeting. Minutes of the meetings will be posted on the school's website so that those parents who are unable to attend are able to see an overview of discussions.

The last Parent Forums were held on:

Monday 21 October 2019 at 9am ~ Classes 1 and 2 (Minutes available below)

Wednesday 23 October 2019 at 9am~ Classes 3 and 4 (Minutes available below)

The next Parent Forums will be held on:

9 March 2020 at 9am ~ Classes 1 and 2

16 March 2020 at 9am ~ Classes 3 and 4


Throughout the school year Mrs Robinson and the School Governors gather information from parents and pupils through questionnaires. The findings of these questionnaires are used to inform the school's improvement planning and are viewed as very useful documents to ascertain how well the school is viewed in the eyes of its key stakeholders. Following residential visits and day trips, the children also send questionnaires to the places they have visited to ask the leaders how they felt the children engaged with activities and behaved during their visits.

During the last year the following questionnaires were completed and their analysis can be viewed in the attachment box below.

  1. EYFS Induction Questionnaire ~ October 2018 (How do parents feel the transition for their children into Lothersdale School has gone)
  2. Annual Report Parent Questionnaire ~ July 2019
  3. Annual Year 6 Parent Questionnaire ~ July 2019
  4. Year 7 Transition Questionnaire ~ November 2018 (Do our previous Year 6 children feel they were prepared for secondary school having been there for half a term?)