We were all fast asleep by 10:30pm last night and this morning we needed waking up! Everyone was still snoring at 7:15am!

We're up making our sandwiches and all looking forward to another delicious breakfast.

We've had another fantastic day of abseiling and beck scrambling - we were all really brave and enjoyed being in the water.

Once we got back to the centre and got dry it was time to start packing before tea - we're having such a good time that some of us don't want to come home!!!

We've had the most amazing choice of food tonight - we could have pizza, fish fingers, ham and egg or chicken nuggets - or a bit of everything! Wow! This was served with triple cooked chips, sweetcorn and coleslaw - we're going to be expecting amazing teas at home tomorrow night mums and dads!

After tea Mrs Fawcett has ordered a dorm inspection - so we're all currently working hard to make sure that our rooms are 'ship-shape' and ready!!!!