Historic England’s Heritage Schools Programme

Julie Edwards, from Heritage Schools, visited school on Monday 26th March to present the school with the Heritage Schools Award. This is in recognition of the schools extensive work on local history. During a special local history week in March, every class focused on what makes our local area special: Class 1 visited Skipton Town Hall and Christ Church, Lothersdale focusing on old and new; Class 2 were lucky enough to visit Skipton Castle and build some of their own castle models too; Class 3 focused on Lothersdale Mill and why it has a water wheel and Class 4 researched into Francis John Kay – a solider that fell during World War 1.  In addition to all the local history that the children learn about in the history curriculum, the pupils have thoroughly enjoyed their big local history project, with some children even participating in a local history club after school where they focused on Lothersdale’s War Memorial and uploaded their results onto https://www.warmemorialsonline.org.uk/memorial/257476.

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