Class 4 science - Changing states of matter

Our science topic on the properties and changes of materials is well underway. Following our study of solids, liquids and gases, our first experiment, involved an investigation into the changing states of matter. Initially, we placed a test tube containing crushed ice in a clamp which was secured to a stand. Using a thermometer, the temperature of the ice was taken. We then recorded the temperature at minute intervals for a further three minutes. Following this, a burner was lit and placed underneath the test tube, and we observed as the ice changed state from a solid into a liquid. We continued to take the temperature at minute intervals until the water boiled, noting that the liquid was changing into water vapour. We observed ‘steam’ which is water in the gas phase. Steam is invisible; however, ‘steam’ often refers to wet steam, the visible mist of water droplets formed as the water vapour condensed. At this point, the burner was moved away and we continued to take the temperature for a further fifteen minutes, noting that the temperature dropped when the heat was removed.