Class 4 visit to Murton Park September 2020

Class 4 had a fantastic day at Murton Park on Wednesday, taking part in the ‘Home Front Day’. Dressed as evacuees, and equipped with our identity cards, ration books and name labels, we were transported back in time to World War 2 where we learnt first-hand what life would have been like for a war time child.

We were introduced to the billeting officer, who explained how children were assigned to host families, many being away from their loved ones for six years. It made us realise how lucky we all are!

Mr T, the ARP (air raid precaution officer), allowed us to experience elements of his role, the highlight being extinguishing bombs with saddle pumps and buckets of water.

We looked at Propaganda posters, establishing the messages the government were sending to the British public, and were very quick off the mark when the air raid siren sounded, making our way to our Anderson shelters where we remained until we heard the ‘all clear’ signal.

The war time kitchen was stocked with rationed ingredients, so we set to work baking war time ‘Golden Crunch’ and making butter using a churn jar, shaping it with butter paddles. Unfortunately, we were told it was Monday which was wash day, so we rolled up our sleeves, and using the dolly tub, wash board and carbolic soap, we set to work on the laundry. Turning the mangle tested our strength, and ironing the clean shirts with the flat irons was much more difficult than we expected!

The Home Front experience was amazing, and helped us to appreciate the hardship encountered on a daily basis during the war.

The children’s learning behaviour was impeccable and was commented on by the staff at Murton Park; they were extremely impressed with us all.

Please take time to look at the photos in the 3 galleries on this page.

Well done Class 4!