Roman day

Class 4 had an amazing time at Murton Park when we took on the role of Roman soldiers for the day. Complete with authentic tunics, helmets, shields and weapons, we completed training with spears and daggers. In the ‘Fabrica’ (workshop), we learnt how to make oil lamps from clay, in the ‘Principia’ (headquarters) we wrote using Roman script, and caught up with our fellow comrades in the ‘Lavatorium’ (toilet block). We were pleased that we had learnt the ‘Testudo’ (tortoise formation) as we were attacked by a stray warrior from the Celtic settlement. Thankfully, down to our excellent skills, communication and planning, we fought off the intruder and arrived back safely in Lothersdale as planned! The Centurion commented on the children’s excellent behaviour, listening skills, ability to follow instructions and enthusiasm throughout our stay. We were very proud of them all.