So we were all very tired! All the children were fast asleep quickly last night following a full day out and lots of fresh air, and Mrs Fawcett and her staff team were able to head to bed at approximately 10:30pm. 

We can't believe it's Day 3 already. The first 'toilet trippers' started to move at about 6:30am this morning but dorms remained quiet until just after 7am. It's breakfast at 8:15am and today we have the addition of sausage sandwiches to enjoy.

Today the groups will be rotating around activities which will include canoeing and raft building for those who didn't have that fun yesterday, and abseiling, bushcraft and sea level traversing for those that did. It sounds like another action packed day of adventure!

The weather has been a little windy this morning but the sun has just come out at lunchtime and it's really pleasant. All the children are very happy and the bushcraft group have been enjoying building dens and learning how to light fires without a match so far. 

So we were blessed with beautiful sunshine and a perfect blue sky this afternoon (see the photo on the slideshow) and everyone had a super

We've had another wonderful meal this evening - we could all get use to this! We had Turkey and Bacon Pie, mashed potatoes, peas and leeks followed by warm chocolate brownie or apple pie with custard or ice cream - amazing!!!

This evening we've had a great time playing a game called 'Find the Alien' outside in the dark! It was good exercise for our working memories as we had to find the alien cards and then return to base remembering their names and phone numbers. It got a little bit 'nippy' after a while so it was nice to return inside to the warmth of the centre and get ready ready for bed. We'll all be in bed soon - Mrs Fawcett, Mrs Hill, Miss Russell and Mrs Smith have been really impressed by all the children today - night night xxx