After a really good night's sleep (all children asleep by 10:45pm) everyone is up, refreshed and ready for the exciting day ahead!

The children have already been busy making their packed lunches - lots of very interesting sandwich combinations!

Breakfast is at 8:15 and the children have a choice of:

Cereal or porridge

Fresh fruit salad


Bacon sandwiches

Toast and Jam

Orange/apple juice

Today is also a very special day for Joe, who turns 10 today!  We all wish him a very Happy 10th Birthday - have a fantastic day Joe, celebrating your milestone birthday with everyone in Class 4.

Today we’ve all had a wonderful time canoeing and walking through Gummers How. With our life jackets on we showed excellent team work when we were canoeing – have a look at the photos as you will be able to see we’ve all got smiles on our faces – it was great fun! The Gummers How walk was really exhilarating too and we've all loved being out in the fresh air all day.

This evening, the group have been treated to more wonderful delights at mealtime - they have all devoured an incredibly tasty meal of roast chicken and stuffing, roast potatoes, carrots and cabbage and sticky toffee pudding and ice cream for dessert.

Tonight has been great fun as we've played Bingo!!! Mrs Smith did the calling and we all had a great time. There were lots of 'sleepy heads' whilst we were playing but everyone perked up when Joe's birthday cakes were brought out for supper. Happy birthday Joe and thanks Joe's mum!

It won't be long until we're all in bed - night night! More news in the morning x