Day 2 began nice and early at around 6:30am after a great nights sleep by all. The sun was shining through the windows and all the children were excited for the day ahead. First however was breakfast. On the menu was a range of cereal, toast and best of all bacon sandwiches. Following breakfast, the children followed instructions really well packing their rucksacks with all the items needed for the day ahead. Next was sandwich making ! All the children were fantastic at making their own sandwiches to eat on our walk - we didn't have too many interesting combinations, however apparently the ham, chicken and tuna mayonnaise triple decker sandwich was delicious ! The coach arrived at 9:30am and took us safely to the start of the Ingleton waterfalls walk. With our rucksacks on our backs, we set off happily with our first stop and photograph at the money tree. The children guessed there was millions! Soon came the waterfalls. With yesterdays rainfall the waterfalls looked impressive. As we reached the top of the walk, everyone was excited to see the ice cream van and so we all enjoyed having a fruity ice lolly or a 99. Next on our adventure was White Scar Caves. With hard hats and plenty of layers on we descended into the dark. The children were enthralled by the fascinating history of the cave and searching for all of the different fossils. Back in the daylight, the children carefully and sensibly made their choices in the shop, making sure they spent every penny! The journey home on the coach was very quiet - in fact some of us definitely nodded off after all the fresh air and excitement. Once back at Eshton, we eagerly grabbed our swimwear and relaxed, after our strenuous day, in the wonderful swimming pool - enjoying a game of water polo and then chilling with the floats.  By 5:30pm we were starving and ready for our evening meal where we avidly tucked in to vegetable soup, followed by spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread, with strawberries and ice cream for dessert. After tea we played football and had fun running around on the field followed by a night time swim. It's been another fun filled day - we should sleep well tonight! The adults definitely will!