Brownlee Triathlon

We had a great time at the Brownlee triathlon at Bradford Grammar School. Everyone completed all disciplines with absolute focus and determination and were very proud of their achievements. Firstly, we all completed a 50m swim in the pool, quickly dressed into our shorts and ‘Triathlon’ t-shirts and ran out of the swimming pool as quickly as we could. We headed towards the bikes, jumped on and completed a 800m cycle ride, carefully negotiating the course. Finally, we dismounted our bikes and completed the final leg of the challenge, running 300m around the marked track. All children were incredibly supportive of each other, those who had completed the course cheering on and running alongside their team mates as they made their way to the finish line. Without exception, all children had a brilliant time and were grateful to be given such a brilliant opportunity, many saying they would like to compete in a triathlon again soon. What a fabulous way to end the term!