What a great first day! After a good journey up, the fun really began with bedmaking! Oh how we need to practise - Miss Laycock was left speechless in the boys dormitory, and that's saying something!!!!!

Following lunch, it was team building activities and after initial excitement the three teams aptly named the 'Smifies', the ‘Fantastic Fawcetts’ and the 'Hill Billys' started to work together to complete 5 exciting challenges outside. The highlight was the egg challenge inside, where the children were allowed to select a limited number of items to protect their egg so that it could be dropped from the bell tower without cracking. With five out of the nine groups managing to keep their egg intact, it was very 'eggciting' and an 'eggcellent' result for Lothersdale, as Marrick have never had 5 eggs survive the challenge before!

Our evening meal was absolutely delicious, the cooks really do look after us here - tomato soup and bread, followed by pizza, chips and beans and then ice cream for dessert. Everyone ate plenty and were fully refuelled, ready for our night walk tonight at 7:45pm!

We've had great fun on the nightline - everybody loved it! We got togged up in all our warm clothes and wore headtorches to light our way. The sky was so clear and the stars were shining for us all to see. We got back to the centre for about 9:30pm so it wasn't long after that that we got our PJs on and gathered in the common room for a story with Mrs Smith. Lights out at 10:15pm tonight and fingers crossed for a good nights sleep!

Love from

Everyone at Marrick  xxx