Spelling Challenge

In Class 3, the children have decided to have a spelling challenge to replace the reading challenge and their weekly spelling tests for the next half term. The spelling challenge will be based on the Year 3 and 4 statutory spelling words. Each week, the children will get a new set of words to practise for the following week. The children and I have agreed that if they spell all their words correctly they will get a class treat that week. 

Please help your child/ren to succeed in spelling by practising these words at home using the look, cover, write and check method using joined up handwriting as this helps the flow of spelling. Additionally, help them to use these words in a sentence so that they understand the meaning of each word as that is a fundamental element to being a successful speller. 

Use these websites to practise and keep your children engaged. 

The spelling bee challenge test will take place on a Thursday afternoon.




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