Day 1 at Humphrey Head

Class 4 arrived safely today at Humphrey Head at about 11:00am ~ all very excited and eager to get in and unpacked! After a warm welcome from the centre staff it was into dorms and bed making!! This brought with it the usual fun antics of watching 31 children heading into duvet covers and the challenges that putting sheets on top bunks brings!!! After lots of team work and co-operation all the beds were made and children settled down to eat their packed lunches in the dining room.

The weather this afternoon has been overcast but warm and once everyone had got kitted out with outdoor clothing the children headed into the beautiful countryside for an afternoon of orienteering. 

Tea was delicious this evening!!! Everyone enjoyed spaghetti bolognese and meatballs with homemade garlic bread, followed by yummy apple crumble with custard and ice-cream for dessert ~ needless to say there were lots of clean plates.

This evening's activity was outside for a night walk, with head torches and warm clothes. The weather was very blustery, but this added to the fun and everyone had a great time. The group returned to the centre at approximately 8:00pm where it was into the showers before getting ready for bed and having some supper. Mrs Fawcett reports that after she and the staff had plaited about  a dozen French plaits for the girls the children were all settled down in their dormitories for a story at about 9:15pm. Fingers crossed for a good nights sleep and that this windy weather doesn't keep them awake! 

More news tomorrow ~ Night! x